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Microbead capsules provide a steady flow of essential nutrients throughout the day.

  1. Male Libido
  2. Menopause
  3. Prostate
  4. Female Libido
  5. Multivitamin

Frequently Asked Questions

Microbeads are small, slow-dissolving clusters of clinically-proven nutrients found inside each of our capsules. Each microbead is made of pure, plant-based ingredients, and coated with natural, sustainably-farmed beeswax. 100% vegetarian.

Pills, powders, and other capsules can be inconsistent or too rapid with their nutrient distribution. Microbeads allow for optimal absorption of nutrients over a 6+ hour release period.

Results can take between 60-90 days to notice and are best maintained when these vitamins become part of your new everyday routine.

Your order will be fulfilled next business day and shipped for free via USPS First Class (estimated 5 to 7 business days). Express shipping via USPS Priority is also available for an additional fee.

With your purchase of vitamins, you will receive a new supply every 30 days as a part of our subscription program. You will be charged the purchase amount and sent a reminder for each new shipment. You can modify, skip, or cancel your subscription status at any time.