Men's Vitamins

Daily support for your prostate, libido, and overall health.

Why Microbeads?

Harnessing the power of sustained-release supplements allows for optimal nutrient dispersal and absorption.

Slow-release matrix
With an average dissolution rate of 6+ hours, nutrients are gradually released into the gastrointestinal tract throughout the day.
Daily balance
A steady drip of nutrients into the blood stream allows for optimal nutrient distribution and tissue saturation.
Optimal absorption
Fat-soluble nutrients are released from their microbeads at a sustained rate, increasing absorption rate.

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We paired with leading industry professionals to bring the highest-quality, most innovative supplement solutions to you.

Industry leaders

Giddy is the world's largest sexual health platform. Rootine is built on over a decade of nutrigenetic science & technology. Together our supplements can transform lives.

Next-level innovation

Microbead technology allows for a more healthy rate of vitamin absorption into the bloodstream. Compressed tablets and capsules just don't get the job done.

Impeccable quality ingredients

All of our vitamins are 3rd-party tested for purity and potency, vegetarian, clean-label, and free of artificial colors or dyes.

Certified professionals

Our clinical and scientific advisory board includes doctors, biotechnologists, pharmacists, and anti-aging health practitioners determined to make life more enjoyable through supplements.

Optimal health.
Superior science.

Microbead capsules provide a steady flow of essential nutrients throughout the day.

High-quality ingredients with no filler

Helps maintain optimal blood nutrient levels

Slow-releases throughout the day

Longer duration allows your body to absorb nutrients better