About Us

Sexual health is health.

At Giddy, we believe that sexual health is health. Lots of other vitamins are full of fillers or an excess of nutrients already provided by your daily diet, but our vitamins contain a short list of proven ingredients to benefit your sexual health and overall wellness. There aren’t many supplements on the market that put your sexual health first, but at Giddy it’s our priority.

Brighten up your day.

Our wide range of colorful vitamins bring a fun and lively reminder to integrate vitamins into your daily routine. From providing general health benefits to supporting specific organ functions, we’re looking to make your every day as bright as the bottles on your counter.

Tiny beads. Huge impact.

The incredibly efficient microbead capsule is a technological marvel that allows for the sustained release of nutrients into the bloodstream over several hours. Backed by decades of scientific research and results, the advisory board behind Giddy+Health developed microbead nutrient delivery with one result in mind - the best version of you.


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